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The Minnesota Young DFL currently has two chartered chapters:


Considering trying to start a new local MYDFL chapter? Please use our Local Chapter Guidebook as a tool and a resource in your planning process.


Organizations seeking to be chartered with the MYDFL must provide copies of the following through the online form:


  • Officer Roster

  • Governing documents that include language within its governing documents that state that endorsements delivered by the appropriate DFL party unit supersede the organization's own endorsement

  • Membership rosters with at least ten (10) members which contain the following information: 

    • Name

    • City

    • State

    • ZIP code

    • Date of birth (including month, day and year)

    • E-mail

    • Phone numbers (Optional)



Chapters charters may be granted by a simple majority vote of the Convention or the General Committee. Charters shall be issued by the MYDFL in accordance with the Constitution and the Bylaws and are subject to renewal annually by the MYDFL Convention.


You can also email us with any questions or concerns about the chartering process to