Our voices count! Join The #YoungVoicesTour 

We are so excited to announce the dates for our #YoungVoicesTour. Over the next five months, MYDFL will be hosting 22 forums across all 8 congressional districts in Minnesota. Our goal is and always has been to engage and center young people in our politics, so we are coming to you! 

The #YoungVoicesTour will go beyond the scope of a traditional Q&A forum. We are going to work to create a meaningful dialogue between our elected officials and young people, whether you are eligible to vote or not. This is our opportunity to share the visions we have for our communities, our hopes for the future of Minnesota, and what democracy should look like. 

The voices of young people have been left out from our politics for far too long and we are ready to change that with you. Sign-up for a tour date near you below! 

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